Notifications in Diagnotes require the user to accept push notifications to their Android device. To ensure that your phone can receive Diagnotes notifications, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your phone’s Settings app

  2. Search for Diagnotes by using the Settings search bar

  3. Select Diagnotes

  4. Click on Notifications and confirm that: 

    • Allow or Show notifications is turned ON

    • When Allow Notifications is turned on, you have additional options for customization. We recommend that:

      •  Set as priority or Override Do Not Disturb is turned ON

      •  Previews in pop-ups is turned ON

      •  Hide notifications on Lock screen is turned OFF

Troubleshooting: It is a known issue that some Samsung mobile devices do not deliver push notifications in a consistent manner. If you are a Samsung user and are experiencing issues with receiving notifications, see here for more information.