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Diagnotes users are organized in the directory by Groups and Subgroups. Depending on an organization’s hierarchical structure, Groups and Subgroups may be identical. Some organizations pre-set their users’ Groups and Subgroups, in which case, those fields will already be completed for you. The use of Groups and Subgroups enables streamlined messaging, search sorting and enhanced reporting. 

Select one or more Groups, based on your department or area(s) of practice. Select Continue. 

Select at least one Subgroup, based on your practice area, then Continue.

Select your Primary Subgroup, then Continue

Note: You can have only one Primary Subgroup.

Select your Primary Specialty by scrolling through the list or typing in the search bar, then Continue.

Add a certification, then select Next (select Continue to skip if desired). 

Add a phone number and type, then Complete.

Note: Mobile phone numbers are used to enable message escalation. This step is not required, but it is recommended for optimal functionality.